Tuesday, November 2, 2010


This week had my mouth watering for more with my creation of a delicious account this week and started to get familiar with tagging and organizing resources. It's a great content tool with the benefit of being able to easily share resources with others and link to Twitter and other connective tools. The combination of easily being able to organize content and then ship what is relevant to my learners is ideal.

I used up a lot of time figuring out delicious and searching for content to add to my categories. One thing kept leading to another....and you know how it goes. The good news is that with a good information management system, I can now share my organization of knowledge with those interested. I added some resources to my account.

Because I had saved 3 of my classmate's resources and they have the same tags, they show up there on my list now too but I want to give him the credit for finding them. This raises the question - can you credit someone for finding a great collection of resources? It would be nice if that were the case; otherwise, simply by clicking the "save" beside someone's link makes it look like I did the research and found something great...as if I wrote the "research paper" (=compiled and connected info in one place). Food for thought.

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